Flexible, easy to use, menu driven software, advanced mechanic and electronic characteristics, fully contactless manipulation capabilities.

These features and many more make our dedicated world premiere contacless process pick & place system a perfect choice for your production and manipulation needs.

power by

  1. Contactless manipulation
  2. No more contact defects Higher quality
  3. Fully automatic operation mode
  4. Perfect for your production need
  5. Large customisation options

  6. Components, made of any material, are handled in a gentle delicate way that is impossible without this system.
  7. The possibility of manipulating components made any material is due to innovations that exploit a combination of air streams and pressure to allow the levitation of the components.
  8. Our machine specifically suit the requirements of fragile and contamination-free components whose significant rejection rates were caused by standard contact-based pick up tools.
Contactless Pick & Place

Base equipment

  • Welded Frame/Base plate with safety protection and electronic cabinet
  • Doors on both side
  • Touch screen HMI
  • Die ejection module with xy dynamic
  • Contactless pick up head
  • High precision motion control & positioning
  • Voltage 220-240 VAC / 12A Max
  • Air pressure 6 Bars max.
  • CE Marking
  • Dimensions:
        ▫ L = 1700mm
        ▫ W= 1100mm
        ▫ H = 1700mm
  • Weight: 600 kg
  • UPH: 1000-1500 parts/hour according to configuration


  • Any size from 0.5x0.5mm to 10x10mm
  • Any material


  • Inputs:
        ▫ Wafer 4, 8 or 12 inches
        ▫ Up t
        ▫ 3 waffles trays 4 inches
        ▫ 6 waffles trays 2 inches module
        ▫ Jedec tray module
  • Outputs:
        ▫ Up t
        ▫ 3 waffles trays 4 inches
        ▫ 6 waffles trays 2 inches module
        ▫ Jedec tray module
        ▫ Tape & Reel module (optional)
  • Flip module (optional)
  • Vision inspection module (top & bottom)

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