PICO is a modular pick and place system dedicated to tape and reel packaging of various components from tube, bulk (loose part) or in strip form.

Our standard input and output modules can be located all around the pick and place unit.

With our quick changeover locating device it is possible to change input and/or output production within minutes only.

  1. Tube feeder module input
  2. Bowl feeder module input
  3. Tape in module input
  4. Tape out tape & reel module output
  5. For components smaller than 10x10x10mm
  6. Speed : up to 7200 parts / hour
  7. Pick and place accuracy : +/-0.03 mm
  8. Easy to use
  9. Simple mechanical adjustment
  10. Low cost
PICO Pick & Place

Associated modules :

  • MB872 Tape & Reel module
  • TFA Tube feeder Module
  • BFA Bowl feeder module

    Typical components to be handled:
  • All kind of electronic devices
  • Stamped parts
  • Small mechanical devices

PICO Pick & Place

PICO Pick & Place


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